These are a few strands of research exploring; gathering affecting elements of events and the potentials to make new 'things' from them.

My concerns are around ‘stuff’ and ‘thing’; haecceity, quiddity and ‘everyday’ moments, events and spaces; poiesis, poetics and the refrain. 

Below are some experiments and tests (and links to other bits and pieces)


'work in progress / a sort of ekphrasis?’ January 2018 - Shown at Birmingham School of Art - Staff Show, February 2018

Made through a process of writing, sound recording the process, adding it to a previously made print on writing sound, videoing it all and then working with the resulting gathered material. A part of my exploration is taround sound and writing it.... and the difficulties and things that arise through process.


'Sound and...' October 2017

A 3 part test made from layered sound gathered in the Cheviot Hills, June 2017 

Thinking about a feeling of place and situation and considering how much information is necessary……..