I am currently undertaking a few strands of research, exploring gathering affecting elements of events and the potentials to make new 'things' from them.

My concerns are around ‘stuff’ and ‘thing’; haecceity, quiddity and ‘everyday’; moments, events and spaces; and poiesis, poetics and the refrain. 

Below are some experiments and tests (and links to other bits and pieces)


'work in progress / a sort of ekphrasis?’ January 2018 - Shown at Birmingham School of Art - Staff Show, February 2018

Made through a process of writing (the sound listens to) sound recording the process, adding it to a previously made print on writing sound, videoing it all and then working with the resulting gathered material. Part of my current exploring is to do with sound and writing it.... the difficulties and things that arise through process. Below is a link to some 'sound drawings' 


'Sound and...' October 2017


A 3 part test made from layered sound gathered in the Cheviot Hills (June 17) 

I was thinking about a feeling of places and situation and how much information is necessary. 


Below are links to some further tests and experiments: